Sometimes shaving, waxing, and tweezing just isn’t enough – if you want to remove unwanted hair isn’t the easiest of tasks but that’s were permanent hair removal comes in. The most popular and commonly done procedure of permanent hair removal in the US is laser removal. In this procedure the laser beans highly concentrated light into the hair follicles, the pigment in the follicles therefore absorbs the lights and destroys the hair. It’s quite expensive in the short term, but procedures like these last a while and what’s a few hundred dollars if your skin can be much smoother and you can feel a lot happier about your body hair? Normally it is performed in a beauty salon but there are also machines you can buy online so you can DIY. We wouldn’t entirely recommend the second method as it is a lot safer to get it done by a professional.

Dating back to the mid 1990’s when the procedure started to be properly performed in salons, clinics and hospitals. Since it has become commercially used, so many women and men have taken the plunge and got it done, the ease of it really appeals to people from all around the world. Who doesn’t want super smooth legs every day without the hassle of having to shave? We know we definitely do. Yet, what’s permanent hair removal all about? You’re most likely here to find out more and we have definitely got the answers…



There are so many benefits to getting this procedure done, it won’t just make you happier because you have smooth skin, but it will drastically improve your daily life by a mile. Precision is a major benefit, lasers can actively target dark and coarse hairs whilst it leaves the surrounding skin undamaged. There will no longer be any need to have big, red rashes from shaving to harshly. Speed is another huge advantage, every pulse of the laser only takes a fraction of a second (almost like a tattoo but it’s not painful!), this single pulse is able to treat many hairs at the same time. If you’re looking at getting a smaller area done such as your upper lip, it can be treated in less than a minute. Larger areas such as your back or legs can take up to an hour depending on size and the professional who does it. It is very predictable and reliable tool; most patients have total permanent hair loss after around three to seven sessions. It’s great if you know that you’re getting permanent hair removal done and it will last too.

Before You Go

permanent hair removal los angelesThis advice is for those of you who are almost definite that you’re going to get the procedure done (or you may have already booked your first appointment?). Remember that it isn’t just zapping unwanted hair from your body, it is classed as a medical procedure and there are several risks you take with getting it done, there is also an element of training you must complete before getting it done too. Make sure you have done research on the doctor or technician that is performing the hair removal as they could not be trained properly. Due to the nature of the procedure, you need to make sure the credentials of the professional are spot on.

Limit any of your normal plucking, shaving, and waxing for around six weeks before you go. This is because the laser targets the hairs’ roots, and these can be sometimes temporarily removed if you don any of those things before you go. A beauty salon will also inform you to stay out of direct sunlight for six weeks before and after your treatment as any sun exposure can make the hair removal procedure less effective and in the long term may cause complications.

Laser Hair Removal

Cost and Prices

The price of permanent hair removal really does depend on which beauty salon or clinic you go to but according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost for laser hair removal is around $235 however, the cost can depend on a few factors including; the number of sessions you require, the size of the area that is being treated (an consequently the time required to do the treatment), the different parts of the country in which you are getting the procedure done and who is performing the treatment. Typically, getting permanent hair removal done in hospitals or clinics is more expensive than just going to somewhere like a beauty salon in Los Angeles.

Side Effects and Risks

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However, there are several side effects and risks that you take when you decide to get the procedure done. Although professionals claim that it doesn’t hurt, after a few sessions it can start to hurt a little so it’s always best to apply numbing cream around 30 minutes before each session. This reduces the pain and ices the area in which the procedure is taking place. Typical side effects after laser hair removal include; itching, pink skin, swelling and redness around the treatment area. These side effects will possibly be around for 2 days or 3 days at maximum, if it carries on for any longer you may want to go back to the professional and inform them of what is happening. There is a slight risk of burning of the skin or discoloration, in rare cases hypopigmentation (white spots), flares of acne, infection or purpura but these risks can be reduced by going to a credited beauty salon, hospital or clinic.

Before you undergo the full treatment, you should have a patch test, this is where the laser treatment is done on a small (unnoticeable) part of your body. This is just precautionary as the professional will need to check if you are OK to go ahead with the session. You must not undergo treatment if you have sensitive skin, eczema, or are pregnant. If you are getting a numbing cream to put on your skin before the session then you also need to make sure your skin doesn’t react to that, complete a patch test on yourself and wait around 24 hours before seeing what the cream has done. There are many different brands and types of numbing cream so if one cream doesn’t work you can try many others.