Day 1 Design used for Brows


Students will learn how to apply permanent makeup in order to create eyebrows. Preparing – You will get to know what kinds of topical anesthetics must be used to numb brows with as well as how to save both money and time through the mixing of various colors and forming the shape of the brow while your client is waiting for the numbing effect to kick in.

Shaping of Eyebrow

Here the student will learn the correct way to draw eyebrows. You will get shown proper ways of selecting the right color for your client, placement and symmetry techniques. This is in line with an old saying that ‘brows are sisters not twins’. We go on to talk about how you can make you client understand that their brows make up is an important part of their face, and that is does not just serve as matching brows.

Techniques for Applying Brows

The student will get to perform an eyebrow procedure while being assisted by an instructor so they can learn different techniques that include stretching, and see the difference between hair stokes eyebrows and regular ones.

Techniques for Applying Eyeliner

Students might think that applying eyeliner is the hardest part of the training, but will soon learn that it is actually one of the quickest and easiest procedures to know all the ins and outs of effective eyeliner application techniques.

Getting Ready

With our permanent makeup training, you will know about a person’s eyes as well as the eyelid structure. The need for using proper topical anesthetics is stressed during the preparation stage.

Practice Makes Perfect

The rocking motion of the hand tool technique will be perfected by practicing on the right materials to help you learn the correct movement.

Applying Makeup on Live Model

A live model will be used to perform an eyeliner procedure on while working with your instructor. It is very important to know how to make use of stretching techniques to perform a successful eyeliner application. You will make use of hand tools while performing the application and ensure that your client’s eyes are both safe and comfortable while practicing the technique.

Day 2 Full Lip Techniques & Lip Liner Techniques

Various lip liner procedures were used in years gone by. However, it is still seen to be a process rather than a procedure. You will get to know all about the possible issues with regards to lip procedures and how much fun and good for your pocket they can be.

Preparing Yourself Then Your Client

Both you and your clients need to have a proper understanding of the procedures followed with regards to lips. You will get to know just how different the tissue of the lip is compared to working with regular facial skin with pores. What will be discussed in greater detail is the color theory that gets used when performing a lip procedure.

Applying Various Lip Techniques

Choosing and mixing the right color when applying various lip techniques is part of what you will learn as well as to why and when each techniques gets used to achieve optimum results.

Day 3 Mock Exam on Practice: Brows; Eyeliner; Lips

Adhere to OSHA’s Standard and Body Art Regulations during procedures, especially during set up and tear down. Your performance will be graded on all aspects of the procedure including application techniques, proper use of machine and equipment, etc. Must pass with at least 75% or retake.


Students can choose up to 3 procedures

Model must qualify for the procedure; ask for any health issues or medications taken in the past 30 days. Model must be at least 18 years of age and sign a model consent agreement.

Day 4 Hands-on (All Day Practice)

Day 5 Hands-on (All Day Practice)

Day 6 Body Art Exposure Control Training

  • Body Art Exposure Control Training (Bloodborne Pathogen) By:

Michelle Tan, LVN, Accreditation No: 14-006

Los Angeles County Authorized Trainer

  • Certification of Bloodborne Pathogen & Completion of Microblading Pigmentation